About the Book

Johnson Paul Jogunoori

This book is about my experiences as a Cab driver in Chicago City. My motive is to explain to people, especially youth from India, that it is not bad to have dreams but to know that those dreams will be fulfilled only if God wants to use us for His service. Hence, we have to first introspect whether God wants to use us to be His witnesses and for His service, if not our so-called "Call from God '' is only our assumption. Now then please note that I am only trying to let you comprehend the prerequisites to selflessness and advice to youth. I hereby undertake to state the facts that this book is written by me and is not a copy of someone else's earlier acknowledged work and that it is not a plagiarized work because the facts given in the book are an account of my own experiences in America during my stay in the U.S.A.,

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